The Park Place Economist
Volume VI

Title, Letter from the Editor, and Reflections from the Chair
Jennifer Van Dyke, Margaret Chapman

From the Economics Department
Tom Purl, Julie Waryjas, Steve Krull, Jackie Hood, Nathan Taulbee, Jaynanne Calaway

Familial Influences and Higher Education
Anjali Shah

Politics, Economics and the European Union
Patrick Holly, Jr.

The European Union Monetary Integration
Tom Purl

The EU 6 or the EU 15+?
Sean Hantak

Ethnic Specialization of Travel Agencies
Alexander Kons

The Effects of Statutory Minimum Wages
Jaynanne Calaway

The Winds of Change: China’s Growing Economy
Tony Johnson, Jennifer Van Dyke

Japanese U.S. Auto Transplant Production
Michael Cornstubble

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