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French Sheds Light on Early Deaf Astronomer
Writing in BBC News Magazine, Wesleyan's Linda French dispels myths and explores the accomplishments of the 18th century amateur astronomer John Goodricke.

Teddy and Jonathan

Illinois Wesleyan, Chinese University Forge Scholarly Exchange
China's Beijing Union University and Illinois Wesleyan will conduct faculty exchanges and collaborate on scholarly research under a new agreement between the institutions.


Lincoln Scholar Eager for Spielberg's Movie
In the midst of the buzz surrounding the upcoming biopic Lincoln, Wesleyan's Robert C. Bray is waiting to see which Lincoln will show up in the film -- the myth or the man.

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Chemistry Professor Authors Eighth Textbook
The newest edition of Inorganic Chemistry is the eighth textbook by Illinois Wesleyan's James E. House, a prolific author and honored teacher.

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Schultz' Book Finds Movie Men "Soured on the System"
Movies offer a cultural window on how middle-class American men are increasingly disaffected, as explored in a new book by Wesleyan's Robert Schultz.


Lessen Receives Nurse Educator Fellowship
Wesleyan's Brenda Lessen was awarded a State of Illinois Nurse Educator Fellowship from the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

Shaw book

Healthcare a Longtime National Debate
Among the topics for Wednesday's first presidential debate, healthcare has long been a controversial issue in America, as explored in a book by Political Science Professor Greg Shaw.


Brennan Receives NIH Grant for Sickle Cell Research
Wesleyan's Brian Brennan has received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to study possible treatments for sickle cell disease.


Zimmerman Celebrates 60 Years in Saxophone
Wesleyan's Keith Zimmerman, who believes "you teach through music, you don't teach music," is celebrating 60 years playing the saxophone.

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Burke's New Book Explores Difficult Dialogue on Race
In a new book, Racial Ambivalence in Diverse Communities: Whiteness and the Power of Color-Blind Ideologies, Assistant Professor of Sociology Meghan Burke grapples with the struggle for dialogue about race and racism.