Multicultural Registered Student Organizations (RSO)

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs supports several clubs and organizations whose mission is to educate, celebrate, and support multiculturalism and diversity at Illinois Wesleyan. The clubs and organizations include, but are not limited to the following groups:

African Student Association (ASA)


ASA strives to encourage a unification of the African students at Illinois Wesleyan University while creating awareness of diverse issues affecting the African continent. ASA seeks to promote both cultural and social awareness of the African continent through the participation and organization of activities pertaining to Africa.  For more information contact
Asian Pacific Student Association (APSA)

The Asian Pacific Student Association aims to promote the heritage of the countries of East Asia. This organization plans to educate IWU about East Asian heritage while discovering new ways to enhance and keep our culture going strong.
Black Student Union (BSU) BSU strives to promote a better atmosphere for minority students by ensuring that they are treated fairly and have the same rights and privileges as majority students at Illinois Wesleyan University. BSU also strives to educate the Illinois Wesleyan University community about the culture and heritage of African- Americans. For more information please visit BSU's web site at
Spanish and Latino Student Association  (SALSA) In order to promote  culture, heritage, and diversity, the students of Illinois Wesleyan University unite together with a common purpose. This purpose is to spread and celebrate Latin American Heritage and pride, as well as the enhancement of a Latin American Union.
Hillel The goal of Hillel is to bring Jewish life and learning to the campus of Illinois Wesleyan through educational and social programs. Hillel aims to create an organization that can identify with the needs and interests of the Jewish faith and culture. For more information on Hillel please visit their web site at
Pride Alliance The Illinois Wesleyan University Pride Alliance is a student organization that works to ensure that all students have equal rights regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Pride generates awareness of issues affecting the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans-gendered communities through education and activism. For more information please visit Pride's web site at
Sisters Actively Visualizing Vitality Through Intellect (SAVVI) SAVVI is a multicultural women's organization committed to serving the Illinois Wesleyan and Bloomington/Normal  community through community service. The women of SAVVI encourage its members to give back to the community that they will call home during their collegiate years. SAVVI works to address important issues that impact the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of women. For more information contact
Southeast Asian Student Association (SASA) The purpose of SASA is to promote awareness throughout the campus and Bloomington/Normal community. The goals of SASA are to educate and expose the IWU community to various aspects of South Asian culture.  For more information contact