Mission Statement

The faculty members of the Department of Biology at Illinois Wesleyan University are committed to the success of our students.  Through diverse research interests, core courses that emphasize biological concepts and exposure to technical and complex areas of science, and experiential learning, we offer students foundational training for continued careers in health professions, research, teaching and public service, as well as in many other areas.  Our program supports hands-on learning experiences through inquiry-based courses, research with faculty members, off-campus internships, and medical externships.  While providing a strong education in Biology, we maintain the philosophy that a liberal arts education is conducive to the development of an ethical life of learning and critical thinking. Our mission is to engage students in the study of Biology with guidance towards the realization of their potential, a life of independent thinking and continued intellectual development.


Like the living things at its essence, the field of biology is dynamic, constantly growing, rapidly changing, and replete with new discoveries and advances.

Our majors are equipped to take part in these discoveries with a foundation in all important areas of modern biology, through the required core of courses in our curriculum.

Benefiting from our university-wide emphasis on the liberal arts, students will come to understand, and not just memorize, the core principles of science and other disciplines.

Our graduates are well prepared for their futures, pursuing a variety of graduate study and exciting careers.

More than 80 percent of our pre-med biology graduates are admitted to medical school on their first try, compared to just 50 percent nationally for all majors.

Biology Department

David Bollivar, Chair
Illinois Wesleyan University
P.O. Box 2900
Bloomington, IL 61702-2900


Departmental Office
Stacy Seaman, Senior Office Coordinator
(309) 556-3060