Student Resources

IWU Style Guide Brochures
   APA Style for Print Sources
   APA Style for Electronic Sources
   Chicago Style for Print Sources
   Chicago Style for Electronic Sources
   MLA Style for Print Sources
   MLA Style for Electronic Sources

APA, MLA, and Other Style Guides
    Disciplines and their style guides
    All styles (MLA, APA, CMS, CBE)
    APA Guide to Citing Electronic Sources
    MLA Style Guide (not by MLA)
    APA Style Guide (not by APA)

The IWU Writing Center's Quick Guide to the Writing Process and Grammar
    The Elements of English Grammar
    Comma Practice
    Disposition (structuring an argument)
    Fragments & Comma Splices
    Invention Strategies
    Logic & Fallacies
    MLA & APA Styles
    Resume Writing
    Shifts & Mixed Constructions
    Stages of the Writing Process
    Thesis Criteria
    Using Sources
    Writing Processes: An Overview

Guides for Designing Web Papers
    IWU Guide for Web Papers
    Yale Web Design Guide

References & Bibliographies on Style and Editing
    John Hewitt's Writing Resource Center
    Elements of Style
   Grammar Hotline Directory
   Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
   Roget's Thesaurus

Sites for International Writers
   Ohio State University's ESL page

External Resources
   Writing Guide for Undergrads
   University of Minnesota: Quick Tips
   University of Wisconsin-Madison: Common Types of Assignments
   Colorado State University: Links for Writers and Teachers
   George Mason University: Writing Resources
   Purdue University: OWL Resources

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