Additional Options in OU

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Here are some new styling options – made available with the redesign – that you can take advantage of.

Prominent First Paragraph Style

Main Use: This style is for a lead paragraph which gives the reader the main idea of the page.

Limits: Do not style more than 3 sentences this way.

Use this styling as an alternative to using Heading styles on a full sentence or two to make them more prominent. Heading styles are for brief headlines, not for sentences.

Example sentence with the prominent first paragraph style.

Drop Down Menu

Button Link

Main Use: For a more visually pleasing and visible link, use the button link styling.

Limits: Do not place a button link in a paragraph. Button links should be separate from other text.

Button Link

Button Link Dropdown

Image Without a Drop Shadow

Main Use: While photos should always have the drop shadow, graphics with transparent areas should not have drop shadows.

Limits: Do not use this class on photos.

IWU Seal

Dialog Box