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Everything you need to know about Properties to help you create awesome web pages!

How do I edit my page's properties?


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Properties Button

Click the Properties button.


Selected Parameters Button

Select parameters if it isn't already selected.


Title and meta Tags


Displays in the tab of the browser after the prefix "Illinois Wesleyan:" It should be a brief title consisting of only a few words that describe the content and purpose of the page. Titles are critical for search engines to find your page.




Optional field.


Custom Settings: Header Information

Header Background Image

The image that displays below the top navigational links and above the body content of the page. You may use images in the resources folder, which have been sized and cropped for display on various devices. You cannot use your own images. If you try to upload your own image to your own folder, a placeholder background image will appear instead of the image you tried to use.

Header Background Image


Department Name

The department the page belongs to is located above the local navigation in the header. If left blank, Illinois Wesleyan University will display as a placeholder. In general, we do not recommend adding the prefix or suffix Department to your department name. Departments such as Chemistry should only use Chemistry as their department name. Schools such as the Ames School of Art and the School of Nursing may use their entire name.

Department Name


Body Title

The body title displays on the web page right below the local navigation and above the rest of the content on the page, and serves as a page header. It will not show up in the OU editor.

Limit: Keep titles to about 6 words maximum.

Body Title


Custom Settings: Right Hand Column Information

Contact NetID

Only add the person's netID. The rest of the information is pulled from the directory and displays at the bottom of the page. 

Contact NetID

Social Media Icons

Paste the URL to your social media sites and icons will display above the news feed header. You can display up to 6 social media icons.

News Header

This header is not automatically filled with a placeholder. If left blank, the news feed in the right hand column will not have a header. If you do not change the categories, simply title it Illinois Wesleyan News.

News Feed

Choosing "All" is recommended, which will include "Clips" (Titans in the News) plus Events and News press releases.

Max. News Stories

The default setting of three is recommended.

News Categories

It's best to choose just one category. If you have a question or a news item you'd like to show up in your department's feed, contact Ann Aubry


Note: If you wish to change these settings on your entire site, email Ann Aubry or Robert (Trey) Frank to do it all at once with a find & replace.


Requests for navigation changes can be made online or sent to either Ann Aubry or Robert (Trey) Frank. Include the following information:

  1. Titles of the links in the order you would like them to display. Include drop down links.
  2. The address of the page every link goes to (the pages must be created and published before new links can be set up)
Example Request
  1. About (
  2. Academic Program (If there is a drop down, this becomes a category, not a link)
    1. Course Descriptions (
    2. Requirements (
  3. Faculty (