Access University Images

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The University's library of photos for use in web and print publications is shared with the campus community on Google Drive. For more videos and tutorials on how to use Google Drive, visit the ITS Training page.


Access University Images



Add to Drive You might want to click on "Add to Drive" to make your life easier. After that, all you have to do is go to your own Drive to view the images – and it will stay synced with any future uploads from the Office of Communications. 


Details/Activity Panel

Details and Activity panelBy clicking on the "View Details" button (indicated by an "i" icon), a panel displays on the right side of the screen. Here you can see the latest activity in the University Images folder, or you can view the details associated with the folder or individual image. A description or caption is included with most folders and images, and is searchable.


Folder Structure

Inside the University Images folder, you will see several more folders. These are categories much like the previous cataloging system in Media Pro. Within those primary folders you will see still more folders, with dates in the beginning of their title. The date is when the event or photo session occurred.

Drive Folders



An Image in DriveWithin the dated folders you will find different sized images for different needs:

  • Web edits - Float in the main dated folder. For web use.
  • Full edits - Full-sized images with edits. For printing.
  • Originals - Unprocessed JPGs or DNGs, depending on the original file type. For designers only (these file types don't display properly when previewed in Drive).

The web edits and full edits are labeled accordingly in their file names. Google Drive's preview thumbnail of the image is cropped unporportionally from the image, so double clicking on the image is necessary to view it in its entirety. You still have access to the details panel in full view mode by clicking on the "Details" button.



There are many tools to help you search and find exactly what you are looking for. To confine a search to the University Images collection (instead of everything owned or shared with you on Drive), you can add this phrase before your search:

source:domain "university images"

There are many other tricks you can find on Google's support page that allow you to narrow your results, including by file types, date edited, excluded words and more. You can also organize the results by relevance or last modified.

Once you have found an image you like, you can do a number of things. Right clicking on any image or folder will allow you to locate the item in Drive, share or download.



Downloading images and folders is very easy in Drive – you can download the entire contents of a folder in one click.