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Supportive Environment

a strong liberal arts core and pre-professional programs access to extracurricular groups, clubs, and athletics inspiring people who encourage new directions
modern facilities, equipment, and teaching practices internships, research, and real-world learning shared values of respect, inclusivity, and equality
faculty who identify strengths and present opportunities signature experiences, community engagement, and global exposure shared values of respect inclusivity, and equality
building knowledge and wisdom exploration of every opportunity a welcoming and supportive community


Illinois Wesleyan University is: 


a focused, academic community devoted to sparking the curiosity within every learner



so that students can:



discover, refine, and live out their passion

ability to navigate and adapt in an ever-changing world cultivating and perfecting multiple talents the courage to take risks in pursuit of something new
core set of skills to successfully respond to change practice in assembling teams and leading peers the desire to aim higher and exceed one’s own expectations
a learning environment that mirrors today’s workplace a portfolio of work to showcase success appreciation for divergent thought and practice
experiences that develop minds and open doors purpose and accomplishment on a global scale an atmosphere of acceptance and belonging