Quoting Sources

Incorporating a Writer’s Work

There are three ways to incorporate an author’s work into your paper

Quotations: These are brief excerpts that are identical to the original source. Must cite original source following the quotation.

Paraphrasing: This involves taking an excerpt from a source and rewriting it using your own words. It is usually shorter than the original excerpt and more condensed. Any paraphrased material must be credited to the original source

Summarizing: Similar to paraphrasing, summarizing involves putting source material into your own words. They are usually broader and significantly shorter than the original material. Any summarized material must also be credited to the original source


Why Should I Incorporate Outside Sources?

By incorporating other sources into your work, you can use them to do the following:

·       Support your claims and make your writing credible

·       Refer to previous work concerning the topic

·       Provide differing view points

·       Strengthen your argument by refuting outside sources with a different point of view

How to Avoid Plagiarism

In order to correctly credit the author when paraphrasing or summarizing, you may want to try the following:

·       Use statements that credit the source in the paraphrase or summary (According to ___)

·       Write down a summary or paraphrase of a text solely from your memory or notes without looking at the original text

·       Set of phrases that you do not want to change in quotation marks (In Part II of the poem, Ginsberg is devoted to condemning the higher power to which the “best minds” are sacrificed)

In order to correctly quote sources, you may want to try the following:

·       Keep the author’s name in the same sentence as the quote

·       Use quotation marks or set off the text in its own block depending on the style guide the paper follows

·       Do not quote more than is necessary; aim to quote only short phrases. If you have a lengthy quote, try paraphrasing or summarizing instead

·       To shorten quotes, replace the extra information with ellipses

·       To give context to the quote, place added words in brackets ([])




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