School of Theatre Arts

About the School of Theatre Arts

Richard Jenkins '69
Richard Jenkins '69 accepts the Emmy for Outstanding Actor in a Limited Series for HBO's "Olive Kitteridge," presented to him at the 2015 awards by Lady Gaga. Jenkins was one of three Illinois Wesleyan alumni honored at the Emmy ceremonies this year.

Why study theatre at Illinois Wesleyan University's School of Theatre Arts?

Individual Focus

You will be valued for who you are.

Our low faculty-student ratio ensures that you will enjoy close mentoring relationships with our faculty, and the close-knit campus community means you will never feel like "just a number."

Because IWU is strictly an undergraduate institution, you will never be taught by graduate students or compete with them for opportunities. At Wesleyan, there is no cut program. Once a student, we are committed to your development and success.

Liberal Arts Setting

The School of Theatre Arts wants you to be challenged and stretch yourself. The liberal arts curriculum at IWU enables you to not only explore all aspects of theatre, but also expand your studies beyond the performing arts.

You'll gain a broad perspective and deeper understanding that enhances your creative endeavors. 

Launch Your Dreams

By the end of your four years, you will feel enabled to succeed.

You will have begun your own network of contacts through our alumni, your internship, and your jobs working summer stock.

You will have started to build your professional resume, have a game plan for beginning your career, and a superior educational foundation on which to build your dreams.

Degree Options

Students can pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Theatre or a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design and Technology, or a minor in Theatre Arts, Dance or Arts Management.