Otis Cook, Dancer with Pilobolus, Momix and Circe de Soleil

Marianne Challis, NYC Voice Teacher

Casey Erin Clark, BFA Music Theatre '04, Actor

Dave Clemmons, NYC Producer, Casting Director & Audition Coach

Bill Damaschke, BFA Music Theatre, '86, DreamWorks Producer

Amanda Dehnert, BFA Music Theatre '94, Director

Kevin Dunn, BA Theatre '77, Television/Film Actor

Scott Flaherty, NYC Voice Teacher

Harlan Hogan, BA Theatre '68, Voice-Over Actor

Richard Jenkins, BA Theatre '69, Film Actor/Academy Award Nominee

Penny Ayn Maas, BFA Music Theatre '87, Actor/Choreographer

Matt Miller, Chicago Director/Casting Director

Terry O'Quinn, Television/Film Actor

Stephanie Pizzo, Choreographer

Dr. Patricia Raine, Director/Voice Teacher

Richard Robichaux, Television/Film Actor & Camera Coach

Lawrence Rush, Composer, Lyricist & Librettist

Marilee Talkington, Actor

  • Lawrence Rush - Composer/ Lyricist/ Librettist

    Two time  Richard Rodgers Award  finalist, Lawrence Rush has brought one of his epic musical award finalists,  Winter of the Fall , to the IWU School of Theatre Arts. The musical, recounting the fall of the 1989 Ceauşescu regime in Romania, will receive its first ever workshop treatment from IWU students in the Spring 2009 semester to be performed before a live audience and the composer at the end of the term.  More information on Lawrence Rush and his work.
  • Dave Clemmons - Casting Director/ Producer/ Actor

    Head of Dave Clemmons Casting and of casting for Wildhorn Productions, Dave Clemmons also tours the country visiting some of the nation's top universities and training programs to give workshops and seek up and coming musical theatre talent.  Clemmons has also enjoyed great success on the Broadway stage in  The Civil War, The Scarlet Pimpernel  and  Les Miserables .  Clemmons visited IWU during the 2008 academic year to give a workshop on auditioning for musical theatre and to talk about current trends in Pop and Rock singing.  More information on Dave Clemmons.