Study Abroad

Conduct While Abroad

When you study abroad, you are in a very real way an ambassador for the United States and for the University.  Your attitude, interactions and presence abroad will speak volumes about you and about us, and your actions can have implications not only for yourself, but for students who come behind you.

Here, then, are some reminders of the conduct you are expected to follow:

  • You are to abide by the conditions set forth in the Letter of Understanding that you sign before leaving campus to study abroad. 
  • You are to obey host country laws. Legal penalties with regard to drugs and alcohol may be more severe in the host country than in the United States and may entail fines and/or jail time.  A student charged with breaking local laws will be subject to the rulings of local courts. U.S. laws and constitutional guarantees do not apply. The ability of program staff or U.S. Embassy personnel to assist is very limited, and in most countries release on bail while awaiting trial is not an option.
  • You are to follow University policies regarding student conduct as outlined in the IWU Student Handbook and IWU Catalog (including academic infractions such as plagiarism).  Violations of those policies while abroad may result in disciplinary action upon your return to campus.
  • You are to abide by the policies of your host institution and respect the property of that institution.
  • You are to attend and participate in classes and complete assignments.
  • You are to provide the program director with contact information and/or an itinerary before leaving for individual travel.
  • You are to respect the rights of other students (whether other study abroad students or host national students), as well as those of host families, faculty, and staff.
  • You are to respect the norms of the host culture with regard to behavior and appropriate attire.
  • You are to demonstrate mature behavior and respect for local customs, particularly as they relate to social drinking. The misuse of alcohol will not be tolerated and can result in dismissal from the program. The use, purchase, or sale of illegal drugs is prohibited.