Do you have questions about studying abroad that go deeper than what you can study and where you can go? Titans have a long tradition of studying abroad, and these study abroad alumni would love to share about their personal experiences with you.

To ask questions and get real life answers and stories straight from recent abroaders, feel free to contact them via e-mail with all of your questions and curiosities.

Astling, Mackenzie-Business/Marketing
Morocco, Sp 2014
Ault, Callie-Education
Spain, Sp 2012
Beird, Meridith- French/Anthropology
Morocco, Fall 2013
Castle, Dominique- International St./Econ.
Spain, Sp 2012
Domke, Patrick- Business
Ireland, Fall 2013
Dunlap, Bailee-International Business
Spain, Sp 2014
Goodale, Victoria-Psychology
Denmark, Sp 2014
Jacob, Britta-Biology
Scotland, Fall 2013
King, Amanda-Environmental Studies
Australia, Fall 2013
Linman, Amelia-Business Admin/Marketing
Italy(Milan), Sp 2014
Lopez, Gisel-Nursing
Spain, Sp 2013
McCarten, Grace-Sociology
England, Fall 2014
Merrill, Jennifer-Psychology
England, Fall 2011
Miller, Kira-Environmental St./Antropology
Tanzania, Sp 2014
Mormann, Meaghan-Biology/Hispanic St.
Spain, Sp 2014
Muehlbauer, Sarah-Music/Piano
Austria, Sp 2013
Rauch, Annette-Hispanic Studies/Sociology
Spain, Sp 2013
Resurreccion, Michael
Spain, Sp 2013
Ruskey, Joseph-History/EWR
France, Sp 2014
Shankar, Emily-Internat. St./Hispanic St.
Spain, Sp 2014
Smith, Elizabeth-Biology
Spain, So 2012
Sowlat, Iris-Theatre/ELT
England, Fall 2012
Wilson, Victoria-Elementary Ed./Spanish
Chile, Sp 2014