Study Abroad

 Staying Engaged

When you return to IWU, stay engaged!  Doing so is a way to share your experiences and enthusiasm and can help you as you readjust upon your return.  There are numerous ways to remain connected:

  • Complete the Online Evaluation of your study abroad program.
  • Attend the welcome-back events the International Office plans.
  • Submit photos to the Study Abroad Photo Contest.
  • Participate in our spring and fall Study Abroad Fairs: they are a great chance to talk about your experiences and help encourage others to study abroad.
  • Attend study abroad information sessions and the pre-departure orientation to talk with prospective study abroad students.
  • Write a short piece on your study abroad experience.  We love posting those on our website, but you might also publish it in The Argus, submit it to another student publication, or share it with University Communications.
  • Continue with your language instruction and look for volunteer experiences that allow you to use your language skills.
  • Get involved with I-Society and I-House.
  • Talk with faculty about your experiences: not only do they enjoy hearing about them, but you're a valuable source of information that they can use in class.
  • Attend the monthly International Studies colloquia discussions.
  • Join clubs and attend co-curricular events with an international focus.
  • Go to the Hart Career Center: they can help you think about ways to build on your international experiences.
  • And for those of you who want to go abroad again, check out the information in our Alumni section.
  • Stop by the International Office!