Study Abroad

Before You Leave IWU…

Before you leave your study abroad experience, there are certain on-campus tasks you need to take care of:

Financial Aid

According to the Higher Education Act of 1965, federal financial aid can be applied to study abroad if you are registered as a full-time student and if you will receive course credit for your study abroad.  The size of your award may be adjusted if the cost of the study abroad program is greater than your school’s tuition. (For more information on IWU’s Financial Aid policies as they relate to study abroad, consult the Financial Aid page.

If you receive IWU financial aid, you must talk with the Financial Aid office before you leave campus.  At that time, you should bring with you a budget of both the expected and estimated costs for your time abroad; the easiest way to do this is to visit your program’s website and print off the list of program costs. Your budget for study abroad will be reviewed and your financial aid award may be adjusted as appropriate.

No funds will be made available to you and/or dispersed until your budget has been approved and any additional paperwork completed. If your combined budget for a semester or year away is more than a semester/year at Illinois Wesleyan, additional funds might be available to help meet the additional cost.  For further information please contact Kelly Scheffert in the Financial Aid Office.

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The Office of Residential Life (ORL) requests that students studying abroad register as living abroad for the semester they plan to be away.  Housing intentions can be provided to ORL online through the MyHousing web portal. Each student will login to MyHousing and complete an application for the upcoming semester. In general, ORL recommends that students planning to study abroad share their plans for living either on or off campus when they return to IWU.

While you are abroad, you will also need to make arrangements for housing upon your return.  ORL contacts abroad students in November and March with details on the online housing registration process.  For more information on securing campus housing when you return, consult your IWU Study Abroad Handbook and visit the Campus Housing from Abroad page.

If you have questions, please contact the Office of Residential Life.

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In addition to registering through your program for classes abroad, you will need to register at IWU for your off-campus studies using the appropriate OCS course number (e.g., students studying with IES should register for OCS 100, “OCS - Abroad - IES”).  If the program with which you are studying does not have its own OCS number, register using OCS 100, “OCS - Abroad - Other.”

While you are abroad, you will need to register for the next semester.  For details on that process, consult your IWU Study Abroad Handbook and visit the Registering from Abroad page.

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