Study Abroad

Photo Page

Photos courtesy of recent IWU study abroad students.  Also, check out  the winners of the fall  International Office Photo Contest to see images from past study abroad students.

Chinchon, Spain
(Alessandra Bollero, IWU Madrid)

Sevilla, Spain
(Erin Bradley, Central Granada)

The Madrid Group in
(Julia Sternstein, IWU Madrid)

Spongebob and Luke
(Luke Loury, College Year in Athens)

The Saddest of the Bears
(Lauren Nelson, CIEE St. Petersburg)

(Leah Pelz, CIEE Budapest)

Way Out: Tube
(Riley Benko, IWU London)

(Erin Bradley, Central Granada)

(Renee Scherer, SIT St. Petersburg)

Genocide in Rwanda
(Angela Rumsey, SIT Uganda )

London, England
(Rebecca Tong, IES London)

Mosque temples, mountains, and town
(Steven Trzyna, SIT Muscat)

Futbol Game
(Alessandra Bollero, IWU Madrid)

(Renee Scherer, SIT St. Petersburg )