Travel Writing: Share Your Story

When you venture abroad, chances are that you will have many unforgettable stories to share.  Life lessons, cultural reflections and political differences between the country you are staying in and the United States are just a few of the issues that you could write about.  Through Glimpse Abroad magazine, you can write stories about your study abroad experiences and possibly get paid for your journalist skills.

Glimpse Abroad is a nonprofit organization that represents an online community of young adults devoted to cross-cultural learning and exchange.  Its stories focus on personal experiences written by study abroad students, volunteers, international students and others living abroad.  Glimpse Abroad tackles international issues and delves into the daily cultural  realities that the average tourist does not see.  Glimpse Abroad is a new National Geographic publication. 
     As a glimpse contributor, you can also share photography, video, audio (podcasts), and other integrated media with your story.  You will not receive compensation for your submitted articles at Glimpse, but you do have the opportunity to be published in their quarterly magazine. 

The Correspondents Program
Twice each year, Glimpse Abroad will select 15 especially talented storytellers to serve as Glimpse Correspondents while they live or study abroad.  They receive a stipend, strong editorial support, and guaranteed publication in Glimpse Abroad Magazine and/or