Various policies governing study abroad (eligibility; registration, academics, and course credits; costs and billing; financial aid) can be found in the IWU Course Catalog and in the study abroad policies sheet for your type of program.

To be eligible to study abroad, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have a formally declared major.
  • You must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0.**
  • You may not be on academic or social probation during the semester in which you apply for study abroad.
  • You must meet the minimum requirements of the proposed program and be approved to participate by the program sponsor prior to registering at IWU for study abroad.
  • You may not study abroad in a location under a U.S. State Department  Travel Warning .
  • Your IWU account must not be in arrears.
  • You must participate in the IWU pre-departure orientation program. If you miss orientation, approval to study off-campus will be rescinded.
  • Neither credit nor financial aid will be granted if you skip the  IWU Study Abroad application  process or fail to complete the program evaluation upon your return.
  • IWU will award credit for a maximum of two semesters of study abroad plus a summer program.

  Please note that all students planning to apply to a study abroad program must make an appointment to meet with a study abroad adviser in the International Office.

** Students who are required to study abroad as part of their major and students who believe their cumulative GPA is not an accurate reflection of their academic ability may petition to have the GPA requirement waived.  Before initiating such a petition, you must talk with the Director of the International Office.