Returning Home

As you prepare to return to the United States and to IWU, there are both practical and personal issues that you will need to attend to.  And coming home doesn't mean that you are no longer engaged in education abroad: your experiences abroad will have a lasting affect -- on how you see the world, how you view others, and how you see yourself.


This set of pages outlines some of the tasks you will need to accomplish both before your return and once you are back on campus.  It also offers some resources to help you prepare psychologically and emotionally for re-entry.


Once back on campus don't forget to stay engaged with study abroad and things international!  We are always happy to have returned study abroad students help at our fairs, information sessions, and presentations for incoming students and parents.

Finally, we know that many of you will want to continue your international experiences after graduation, so we offer a few pages on marketing your abroad experience; finding work, teaching, or volunteer programs; and post-graduate scholarships for study abroad.

We want to hear about your experience abroad!  Please take a few minutes to reflect on your experience, perhaps find a representative photo or two, and send it to us at  With your permission, we will post it here on our Alumni page.