Spring 2020 Study Abroad Photo Contest

Illinois Wesleyan University SPRING 2020 Study Abroad Photo Contest winners are:

maeve 1

 Sense of Place

Photo "A Viennese Ball" by Maeve Plunkett, Vienna, Austria.
"Vienna has a long history of throwing balls (think Cinderella, because that's exactly how I felt). Attendees waltz faster than I though humanly possible, and enjoy a spirit of fun and benevolence (the balls are often fundraisers). I was able to attend the Red Cross Ball at the historic Vienna City Hall, a night that will live in my fondest memories".
 emily s

Roads Less Traveled 

Photo "Floating in the Arctic" by Emily Schirmacher, Troms, Norway
"This past October, I took a week long trip to the island of Troms, Norway with my Polar Biology class. Being in the Arctic Circle, Troms is an incredibly unique ecosystem with beautiful Fjords and diverse wildlife. In order to explore this environment, we took a long boat ride in the Arctic waters and landed here on this small floating dock in the middle of the bay."
 maeve 2

Current Events

Photo "Wedding Split" by Maeve Plunkett, Splitt, Croatia
"My friend and I were exploring the coastal town of Split, Croatia discovered what looks here like a violent revolution, but was in fact a joyous occasion. As we entered the main square, a newly married couple had just walked out of the cathedral to the cheering crowd of wedding guests who lit sparklers, released balloons, and played traditional Croatian songs, to which everyone sang along."
 viana chau

People & Diversity

Photo "Weaving a Basket, Handled with Care" by Viana Chau, Nepal
"During my trek within the mountainous region of Mustang, Nepal, I came across a man sitting on the ground and skillfully weaving a basket. He smiled at us and greeted us with a hearty "namaste" while his hands worked adeptly and his feet held the basket. The craftsmanship in Nepal is often authentic and hand-made, due to the lack of large factories."
 maeve 3

Food & Wellness

Photo "Fall lunch in Ljubljana" by Maeve Plunkett,  Ljubljana, Slovenia.
"On a beautiful fall day in Ljubljana, Slovenia, my friends and I grabbed the most wonderful lunch at a local market. We bought the braided bread from a bakery, a kilogram of raspberries from a fruit vendor, and a Central European classic fall dish-- pumpkin cream soup-- from a street food car. We shared it all as the sun warmed us on a crisp October day." 
 anna cooper


Photo "Marina di Pisa" by Anna Cooper, Pisa, Italy
"This was taken at the Marina di Pisa, on the second night I was in Italy with my roommate. We decided to take a public bus there and had to communicate with several bus drivers in broken Italian where we wanted to go! We finally found the right bus and caught the sunset on this beautiful white and rocky beach. The trip to this less known spot was difficult but totally worth it!"