Fall 2019 Study Abroad Photo Contest

Illinois Wesleyan University FALL 2019 Study Abroad Photo Contest winners are:

  • kakares


    Photo "La Sevillana" by Vi Kakares, Seville, Spain
    "La Sevillana is one of the most popular dances in Sevilla, and is danced by many during La Feria, an annual fair that takes place every year in the springtime. The weeklong fair, open 24/7, is a celebration of Sevilla's rich culture and people that make Sevilla such a special place. During La Feria, many people wear traditional flamenco dresses such as the one I am wearing in the photo. This photo, taken at the end of my study abroad experience, represents my growth throughout the semester and the love and appreciation I developed for Sevilla during my time there".
  •  letourneau

    Roads Less Traveled and Judges' Choice Award

    Photo "Vivid Lanterns" by Alexa Letourneau, Hallstatt, Austria
    "While on a program tour to several world heritage sites, I visited Hallstatt, an idyllic lakeside town in the Alps. While wandering the streets there, I met a couple of locals celebrating their family's traditional Laternenfest, or Lantern Festival. They claimed proudly, "We bring color to a cold, white world, just as our family has done since the 1600s!"
  •  maeve 2

    Daily Life

    Photo "A daily walk in Poblenou" by Brianna Fogo, Barcelona, Spain
    "Before living in Barcelona, I would never choose to walk everywhere I went, but I found I experienced more and felt more at home in this foreign city by walking. My home stay was located in the neighborhood Poblenou, which became my favorite place to explore. I was able to take a 20 min walk to the sea and a 40 min walk to my classes; also in this picture is my other favorite form of transportation in Barcelona, the Tram."
  •  viana chau

    Sense of Place

    Photo "The Forbidden City" by Jasmine White, Beijing, China
    "The Palace Museum was sold out when we tried to go on our first full day in Beijing. We finally were able to visit it hours before our high-speed train departed back to Shanghai."