Think Bigger Study Abroad

Think Bigger

Think outside the traditional classroom. Think outside of the information in your textbook. Think in ways that defy the imaginary limitations we have four ourselves. Approximately half of Illinois Wesleyan students go abroad during their four years at IWU. Between our study abroad options during the semester, May Term and summer, you'll have more than one opportunity to explore new and exciting places of your choosing.

The International Office supports this commitment by helping students to study abroad, whether it is for a single semester, a summer term, or a full year. IWU students have the opportunity to study in hundreds of locations in over 70 different countries in almost every region of the world. We also have programs suited to just about every discipline offered on campus and for students at various points in their academic career.

Countless Opportunities

5 Types of study abroad programs
700+ global options
Over 70 countries to study abroad in

Study Abroad Options


IWU London

The IWU London Program offers students a unique study abroad experience. Under the leadership of an IWU faculty director, students live and study in London for the fall semester.

IWU Spain

Offered during the spring semester of each year, the IWU Spain Program allows 16-24 IWU students to study with an IWU professor and local faculty while living with host families in Barcelona.

Pembroke Program

Since fall of 1996, a select group of Illinois Wesleyan students has had the opportunity to study for the year at Pembroke College, Oxford University, as part of the Pembroke Visiting Student Program.

Affiliated & Exchange Programs

Through various affiliated organizations, we are able to offer our students study abroad options around the world and in a variety of formats. IWU students can choose to study with peers from other US universities at a study abroad center, can take classes exclusively at an overseas university, or can take a mix of classes at a study abroad center and local university.

May Term

May Term Travel Courses are a form of short-term faculty-led study abroad, lasting a maximum of three weeks. May Term offerings change from year to year.

IWU Freeman Asia

Exchange programs are a form of university-sponsored direct enrollment.