Photo: Cassandra Jones, IWU London Program, Fall 2019


The IWU London Program offers students a unique study abroad experience. Under the leadership of an IWU faculty director, students live and study in London for the fall semester.

Rather than joining another college, participants will take courses from faculty who are specialists in their knowledge of London as well as in their academic fields.

Because all courses have been pre-approved by the IWU faculty, students do not have to arrange to transfer credits or worry about whether they will meet graduation requirements.

Each course carries General Education credit toward the IWU degree. Courses that may be offered include

  • Concepts of Kingship (Intellectual Traditions)
  • Shakespeare and Others in London (Literature)
  • The European Union, London: World City (Contemporary Social Institutions)
  • Landscape Painting in Western Art (Fine Art)
  • A History of Twentieth Century Art (Fine Art)
  • London: World City (Contemporary Social Institutions)
Photo: J. Kotecki, London 2011

Each course is designed to take advantage of London's vast cultural resources.  Art history courses, for example, are taught in London's museums and galleries, including the National Gallery,  the Tate museums, and smaller private museums throughout the city.  Visits to the Houses of Parliament give students first-hand experience in how monarchy and democracy have operated in England.  Theaters, concerts, and trips to historic houses will aid in the study of Shakespeare or the fine arts.

Weekends in London bring you opportunities to wander through one of London's famous markets or to browse through a special collection in the British Museum or the Victoria and Albert Museum.