Keio University Academics

IWU students can study at Keio University for a full academic year or for the spring semester (study at Keio only in the fall is not possible,keio as the semester overlaps the start of the spring semester at IWU). While there, exchange students can participate in either the Keio international Program or the Japanese Language Program .

The Keio International Program is suitable for undergraduate students who wish to focus on studying in various academic fields in English. Fields include economics, business, politics, history, culture, area studies, and the global community. KIP students with advanced Japanese proficiency may also focus on undergraduate courses taught in Japanese, offered by the Keio University faculties that are open to exchange students. In addition, they may choose to take up to four Japanese language courses. The main purpose of KIP is for students to attend a wide range of Japanese Studies and/or International Studies Courses taught in English, and/or attend regular undergraduate courses taught in Japanese, rather than emphasizing the study of Japanese language.

The Japanese Language Program, offered by the Center for Japanese Studies, is for undergraduate and graduate students who would like to focus on Japanese language learning. The curriculum is designed to assist students in attaining the high level of Japanese proficiency required for research and other academic activities in specialized disciplines.

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