Al Akhawayan University (AUI) Exchange (Ifrane, Morocco)




Illinois Wesleyan University recently established a student exchange program with Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI), Morocco.  The program affords IWU students a special opportunity to live and study in Morocco at an American-style university while earning general education and discipline-specific credit.

Why Morocco?  Morocco stands as a cultural, geographic, linguistic, and religious crossroad.  Here, Berber, African, Middle Eastern, and European influences combine to create a culturally rich tapestry.  In its cities, you will find the melding of French, Spanish, Arabic, Jewish, and Berber architecture and art; will hear a mix of Moroccan Arabic, French, English, and Berber languages; will savor the blending of African, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern  cuisines.  In its landscape you can travel from the Sahara Desert to the High Atlas Mountains, from the beaches of the Atlantic to the Mediterranean coast.

Al Akhawayn (AUI) Exchange -- Summer Program


Through the AUI Exchange program and AUI's Arabic and North African Studies Program (ARANAS), IWU is able to offer intensive Arabic language instruction to our students.

The ARANAS program draws students from around the world to the AUI campus to study Arabic language and culture and to explore Moroccan culture through excursions to Fez and Marrakech, the Roman ruins at Volubilis, and the sand dunes of southern Morocco.

Participants can study at AUI for 4-6 weeks, taking up to a year's worth of Arabic or a combination of language and culture courses.  For more information, visit the ARANAS website.