Illinois Wesleyan's Lingnan Exchange Program allows up to 2 IWU students per semester to study at Lingnan University in Hong Kong. In an exchange program, students at the participating institutions essentially exchange places, ideally on a one-on-one basis. An IWU student participating in the Lingnan Exchange Program will pay IWU tuition yet study at Lingnan University; similarly, a participating Lingnan student pays Lingnan tuition for a year of study at IWU.

Program participants may study for either semester term or for an entire academic year at the American-style liberal arts institution, while pursuing General Education, Chinese language, and/or discipline-related credit.  Lingnan University offers coursework in the following areas: Accounting and Finance, Chinese, Cultural Studies, Economics, English, Information Systems, International Business, Management, Marketing, Philosophy, Politics, Sociology, and Translation.
Founded in 1967, Lingnan University is Hong Kong's only liberal arts university.  Home to approximately 2,600 undergraduates, of which nearly all live on-campus, the university is located in Tuen Mun in Hong Kong's New Territories. Much like in the IWU community, Lingnan strives to promote the ideals of a liberal arts education and interdisciplinary learning. The institution also has a rich history of supporting international education, currently partnering with universities on 6 continents, including over 30 in the United States alone.