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IWU London 2014 Program Director

Linda French, Ph. D.
Professor of Physics

Illinois Wesleyan University is pleased to announce that Dr. Linda French, Professor of Physics, will direct the 2014 IWU London Program.  Professor French led the London Program once before, in 2007, and is eager to introduce a new group of students to England.


In London, alongside Professor French, students will study the history of science to obtain the Intellectual Traditions general education credit.  With visits to Cambridge University, the Greenwich Observatory, the Science Museum in London, and more, the course will introduce students to England's rich scientific heritage.

Professor French receiver her Ph. D. in planetary astronomy from Cornell University.  Her scientific research, funded by the National Science Foundation, concerns the study of the shapes and surfaces of asteroids and comets.  She is a frequent guest observer at Lowell Observatory in Arizona and at Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory in Chile, and is often accompanied by students on these research trips. 

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