Study Abroad

Alumni-Stories -- Stephanie Urban ('08)

Studying abroad was an experience that I will never forget.  I made new friends, explored different cultures, and discovered true independence. It was an opportunity to learn not only about people around the world, but about myself.

While I chose London as my home for 6 months, I took advantage of breaks and a more flexible school schedule to travel other European countries such as Italy, France, and Greece.  Although my course work was interesting and challenging, I found it couldn't compare with what I experienced outside of the classroom.  I came to England wide-eyed and alone and left with strong friendships, higher personal confidence in my ability to succeed on my own, and a more cultured view of the world.  I would strongly recommend studying abroad to anyone as it truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

S. Urban
Stephanie Urban, London 2007

Stephanie Urban
IWU 2008
Arcadia London 2007