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Alumni Stories -- Chase Hundman ('14)

I did my best to make the most of my abroad experience, and my bank account is indicative of that very mindset. When there was an opportunity to experience something new abroad, I grabbed it and ran. I scooped up the warm, bacteria filled water in Bath and took a long drink. I stripped down to my boxers and dove into the incredibly cold Loch Ness, and sadly was not lucky enough to encounter the mythical beast that dwells there. I took a breathtaking bus tour through the Scottish Highlands, one in which the beauty around me made it feel like a sin to cheapen it with heavy handed words. I played football in Regent's Park with the locals and afterwards walked down Savile Row and admired the bespoke tailored suits that I will one day be able to afford. I had a pint... or two... maybe it was actually three pints of Guinness in Ireland. I dove out of a plane strapped to an Australian, and saw the Swiss Alps from 12,500 feet. I ran 26.2 miles from the city of Marathon to the city of Athens, and then climbed the stairs of the Panathenaic Stadium. I smoked a Cuban cigar on my porch overlooking one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world and I thought about how much I would have regretting saving my money and staying home.

Chase Hundman
IWU 2014
IWU London Program 2011