Leadership Speaker Series

The Office of Student Involvement, in collaboration with the Hart Career Center, Office of Residential Life, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, College Panhellenic Council, and Interfraternity Council, is excited to present "Unmasking Your Leadership Potential," our spring 2021 Leadership Speaker Series! 
Members of the IWU community can request the Zoom links by emailing getinvolved@iwu.edu. Links will also be sent to student emails. 
February 16 at 7:00 PM
Enneagram Ashton: The Enneagram & Leadership
We are excited to welcome Enneagram Ashton back to the IWU community for a virtual workshop about the Enneagram and how it impacts our work as leaders. Ashton is an author, Enneagram coach, and curator of the popular @enneagramashton Instagram account that has over 421,000 followers. Please take this assessment prior to attending the workshop. 
February 22 at 7:00 PM 
Angell Howard: Stereotypes and Misconceptions- What You Believe and Why it Matters 
It can be difficult to relate to or understand the discrimination and stereotyping that many experience on a regular basis, and it is even harder to acknowledge our own biases that may continue unconsciously. Angell's session will probe the cultural biases that influence our behaviors and attitudes toward others while working collectively toward increasing our cultural competencies and mindfulness of the experiences and perspectives of others. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in candid conversations exploring the effects that stereotypes, myths, and misconceptions leave behind while brainstorming ways to continually increase their awareness, skills, and knowledge in order to better support those they serve and lead.
March 3 at 6:00 PM
Courageous Dialogue by Leadershape 
Courageous Dialogue is a virtual, interactive workshop for sophomores, juniors, and seniors that is designed to empower leaders to engage in courageous conversations. The program will provide a framework for which to engage in meaningful and impactful conversations around the issues of values alignment, racial inequality, and creating stronger communities. As Titans continue to manage life in the pandemic and react and respond to social and racial injustice, we believe this experience will be impactful for student leaders as you prepare to engage in what could be challenging conversations at IWU and beyond. Registration is limited to the first 100 participants!
March 16 at 7:00 PM
James T. Robilotta: Leading Through Uncertainty
Superheroes, take off your capes (but please leave on your mask), let's check our egos for a second. In this session, you’ll be asked to think critically about the way you communicate with others. When you lead authentically through your experiences, shortcomings, and lessons learned, you make yourself appear human to your co-workers, which boosts morale and trust. In the midst of a critical social justice movement we must focus on what is right, not the need to be right. In the global pandemic, we must preach and practice empathy for ourselves and others. It is during this period of ambiguity and uncertainty that leaders emerge, but not the ones who are trying to be perfect. No, it is the ones who recognize the power of authenticity and relatability that will inspire others right now. James is the author of Leading Imperfectly and has spoken for hundreds of clients including American Express, the Minnesota Twins, and Yale University. We cannot wait for him to engage with our Titan community this March!