First Year Leadership Institute

The First-Year Leadership Institute focuses on developing students' self-awareness around leadership ideas and competencies as related to personal passion, group development, and contribution to the greater good. Throughout the program, students will have the opportunity to make connections with fellow students, learn more about how they lead and what it means to be a leader. Students will enhance their decision-making, goal setting, and problem-solving skills through support from the Office of Student Activities and Leadership programs.

In alignment with our institutional mission, this program encourages students to explore creativity, strengthen critical thinking, establish effective communication, and build character and personal values.

The First-Year Leadership Retreat will take place off campus for a day and a half. This intimate setting will allow students valuable time to reflect on what they hope to gain as a leader joining the Titan community. The retreat is followed by meeting with the advisor and President of MJG Insights LLC every other week and a personal mentor every week.


If you have any questions please contact Jasmine Hackney, Student Activities Coordinator, 309-556-1370.