Loss of a Community Member

Notification of a Faculty/Staff Member’s Death

Any University employee who learns of a faculty member’s death should immediately notify the Provost at 309-556-3101 (or x3101 from campus phone).  In the case of the death of a staff member, notify Human Resources at 309-556-3971 (or x3971 from campus phone).

In all circumstances of a death on campus:  If a death occurs on campus, dial 911 and Security at 309-556-1111 (or x1111 from campus phone).  Be certain to give our name, specific location and nature of the situation.  Secure the area and assist with crowd control.  Send somebody to meet and direct emergency personnel to the location.


Notification of a Death of Student

Any member of the University faculty or staff who learns of a student death should immediately notify the Dean of Students’ office at 309-556-3111 (or x3111 from campus phone) or the Dean of Students directly if the office is closed.