Hansen Student Center Resources

Chairs: 323 plastic chairs with steel frame

Tables: Five 8' tables and four 6' tables and 21 round tables

Easels: a mix of 11 wood and metal easels

Podium: 1 presentation podium

Mains: 5 VRX932 JBL Main Speakers powered by Crown CDI6000, Suspended in a cluster directly overhead.

Subs: 1 VRX918 JBL Subwoofer powered by Crown CDI6002.

Monitors: Four PRX612M JBL Monitors. The buildings mixer supports four separate monitor mixes.

Mixer: Roland M-300 Mixer (32 Channel Mixer)

Stage Snake: Mic Inputs 16. Line Inputs 1-4. Aux Outputs 1-4.

Mics: One Shure SM58 (panel mic). Eight Shure Beta 58A wired. Eight Shure SM57 Dynamic wired. One Shure Beta 52. Two Shure Beta 58A wireless for basic sound. One Shure ULX lapel. The building has 10 wireless channels, but only 8 wireless channel can be controlled by the mixer. There are six body backs, 3 wireless guitar bodybacks And two C414/XLS-STEREO * 9 Pattern Mics

Mic clips, stands, accessories: Eleven wireless microphone clips. Eleven wired microphone clips. Eight table top microphone stands. Nine straight microphone stands. Nine boom microphone stands. Two short microphone boom stands. Two microphone covers.

Direct Input: Seven Whirlwind Director Direct boxes.

Miscellaneous: Two guitar stand. Four music stands. Various power-stips and extension cords.

Light board: Ion 1000

Lighting: 8 LED Elation Arena Pars, 6 ETC Source 4 Jr. Zoom fixtures, and we have 12 Cans

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