Center Court Setup information

Center court is equipped with a sound system, shades, a projector, a/v hook up, a BlueRay player, and can seat 323 on the center floor. The following are some sample stage setups:

The following is the standard stage set up for presentations and speakers. It includes four stage panels with 2 sets of stairs.


8' x 16'

This is full stage set-up with 12 panels.


16' x 24'


8'x 32'

The following is a runway setup with twelve stage panels.


The following is a long narrow set up with 12 stage panels.


8' x 48'

The following is a multi-stage plot with 6 panels in each plot.

2 stage

12'x 16'  X 12' 16'

The following is a horse shot stage plot with 12 panels.


The following is a small stage, podium, 20 round tables and 160 chairs:

20 tables