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Campus Activities Board

Campus Activities Board (CAB) works to fulfill the liberal arts mission of Illinois Wesleyan University by offering a vast range of enjoyable, educational, and interactive “co-curricular” experiences for students, faculty and staff.  CAB supported by the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs and Student Senate. The primary purpose of CAB is to propose, plan, promote, and execute a range of activities created to serve diverse cultural, social, educational and sustainable interests of the IWU community.

Meet the 2017-2018 CAB Executive Board

The Board consists of a Director who also sits on the Student Senate Executive Board and 5 other Executive Chairs who are elected by the Director of CAB and Director of Student Activities.  CAB as a whole also consists of committee members that serve under each chair and general assembly members.  See link below if you are interested in becoming a committee member or providing programming input at monthly meetings. 

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Escape: Wesleyan

Drowning in mid-terms? Come “escape” your stress at this 30 minute mobile escape room in Hansen. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Use the QR code to sign up!




Got talent? Know friends who've got talent? Audition to be a part of "Undercover", IWU's version of "battle of the bands"! This year our show will be hosted by Singer  Kristen Merlin  (as featured on The Voice).

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CAB attends a regional and national conference each year where entertainment for the University is viewed and selected.  If you're interested in learning more or joining CAB for a conference this year, please contact

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