Staff Council Quarterly Newsletter


October, 2008


Welcome to the first edition of the Staff Council Quarterly. The goal of this newsletter is to enhance communication with staff members across campus.  If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the content of the newsletter please submit them via our web form , or a paper form (available from Mary Anderson, Physical Plant).



New Staff Council Members    (top)

In August, the Staff Council welcomed four new members:

  • Mandi Baker, Development Office
  • Linda Biehl, Information Technology
  • Terrance Bond, Office of Residential Life
  • Brandon Christol, Admissions Office


The Staff Council would very much like to thank Jenny Hand, Patrick McLane, Ken Detloff, and Tim McKeown for their three years of service on the Staff Council. As first members of the Staff Council, they spent countless hours developing the Council Charter and defining the role and scope of this group. Future Staff Council members are able to build upon the foundation they painstakingly worked to lay. The time and effort they put into Staff Council is greatly appreciated.

All Staff Meeting    (top)

The Staff Council is excited to inform you of an All Staff  meeting to be held on Tuesday, January 13, 2009, at 8 am in the Main Lounge. The meeting will last approximately an hour and a half, and is designed so the President, Vice Presidents and Deans can share information and answer questions from the IWU staff. All Cabinet officers--or a representative-- will be available to answer questions that arise.


Cabinet officers encourage staff members to submit questions by December 15, 2008 . You may submit questions via the Staff Council web form , or by contacting any staff council member. If your question is directed to a specific department or person please note that on the form. Note: Staff Council will remove your name/contact information before forwarding your questions to the appropriate department. It will be the department's discretion as to what questions they will answer.


Offices may close during this time and we are hoping for 100% turnout.  However, if staff members in your office choose not to attend the staff meeting, they should plan to work in the office.  If there are student workers who would be able to keep your offices open during this time please make those arrangements as well.

Peer Mentoring  (top)

The Staff Council has implemented a pilot Peer Mentoring program for new staff members. The goal of this program is to offer all new staff members the opportunity to meet regularly, for up to one year, with an experienced staff member on campus to assist in the new employee’s transition and acclimation to the University.  A peer mentor will not replace the on-the-job training that the employee’s supervisor provides. Rather, the peer mentor provides information about the University culture, benefits that are not readily known (including free entry to IWU athletic events and Blue Moon Coffeehouse, reduced fees for children’s summer athletic camps, etc.), and whom to contact on campus for varied services that may be related to their experience on campus (i.e. who to contact for payroll information, to have a picture hung on your office wall, etc.).


More staff members are needed to serve as mentors. A description of the mentor role and qualifications can be found here . If you want to be included in the pool of staff mentors, contact Robyn Walter, chair of the Peer Mentoring Committee of the Staff Council.  An attempt will be made to match new staff  to mentors with similar interests.

Welcome New Staff Members  (top)

Illinois Wesleyan has welcomed the following new staff members:

  • John Clingon, Security, August, 2008
  • Dan Turner, Director of Academic Advising, September 2008

A warm welcome goes out to our new colleagues!

Morocco Initiative (top)

Applications are being solicited from IWU staff for an IWU faculty/staff seminar beginning during the spring semester, 2009, and ending with a week-long trip to Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco. Broadly speaking, the purpose of the seminar is to promote the strategic goal of globalizing the IWU campus by offering selected faculty/staff to study and discuss their area of work or scholarly expertise with other seminar participants, and to engage their counterparts from another culture.   


Five faculty members and two staff members will be chosen to participate in the seminar.  Once chosen, the participants will meet in December to collectively choose readings, schedule dates/times for meetings during the spring semester, and initiate work with the Associate Dean to plan and prepare for their trip to Al Akhawayn University in June 2009.  While in Morocco, they will meet their faculty/staff counterparts, participate in seminar-related field trips, and hear scheduled lectures from Moroccan scholars and practitioners.  The IWU seminar participants will have opportunities to share their findings with students and colleagues after they return to our campus.


The request for applications and additional specifics will be available on or soon after November 1. Staff Council is sponsoring informational meetings open to all staff during which Associate Dean Frank Boyd will give an overview of the initiative:

  • Tuesday, November 4th, 10:00 am,  Ames Library Instruction Lab, room 129.
  • Tuesday, November 4th, 7:00 am, Physical Plant.
  • Thursday, November 6th, 9 am, Starbucks in the Memorial Center. Coffee/beverages will be available (for those attending the information meeting) from Starbucks and paid for by the President's Office.


The information meetings will last approximately 30 minutes and all staff are encouraged to attend at least one of the meetings. If you have questions please contact Frank Boyd for more information.  For an overview of Al Akhawayn University, you can visit their website .

New Committee Appointments    (top)

  • Application Review Committee: Cathy Spitz has been appointed by Staff Council as the staff representative to the Application Review Committee. This group will be responsible for reviewing the faculty and staff applications for the Morocco seminar and trip.
  • User Committee for New Academic Building: Leanne Cox and Suzanne Wilson have been appointed to the user committee, a group consisting of faculty, students, an IT representative, staff members, and administrators who will work with building architects and others to explore and determine how the new academic building will be used. 

Questions and Answers  (top)

Staff Council has added a question and answer page to our website . The questions and comments listed have been collected from the IWU community including comments from the Open Forum (October 2007), the Staff Council Web Form , and other sources on campus. We have provided answers obtained from meetings with the President and other administrators on campus.  This page will be updated to reflect new questions submitted through our web form , or as we receive new information.

December 2008 - Please note, the Question and Answer page has been removed from the website. Questions submitted to staff council will be answered in our  newsletters or by email.