Staff Council


Number Needed: Four, two exempt, two non-exempt.

Start Date: August 2008 as voting member. Invited to attend meetings beginning May 2008.

Term: Two years. Can serve again after a one year break.

Time Commitment (approximate): Meetings every 3rd week, 90 minutes (may be more as needed). Attendance is important as quorum is required. Additional work/projects outside of meetings with varying degrees of time commitment.

Description: Staff Council was formed by President Wilson in August 2005 to serve the following purpose: 1. Serve as a formal means for the President to communicate University matters with staff and elicit opinions and recommendations of the staff on matters of concern to them. 2. To serve as a formal means for staff to communicate to the President. 3. To recommend staff to the President or other administrators for appointment to University committees. 4. To help maintain a supportive and rewarding workplace for staff.

For more information about Staff Council see our website.