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Each Spring, the Staff Council gathers information from various University committees looking for new participants.  In some cases, the committees are open for all staff members to join.  In many cases, membership is limited and staff must vote for their colleagues to join these committees.  Below is the listing of current committees and membership needs. 

Because some positions specify the a particular staff designation, we are providing a short definition for the two most general distinctions: exempt or non-exempt.  Exempt staff members are individuals who are salaried employees and thus "exempt" from receiving overtime pay.  Non-exempt staff members are individuals who are hourly employees and are eligible or "not exempt" from overtime pay.

The 2012 Self-Nomination process will soon be underway.  If you would like to join one of the following committees, you can submit your self-nomination survey when it becomes available.


2012 Committee Elections


2012 Open Participation Opportunities


The Staff Council (top)


Number needed: Three needed; one non-exempt, one exempt, and one at-large staff member who have been with the university for at least one year.

Start Date: August 2012 as a voting member; invited to attend meetings starting May 2012.

Term: Three years; can be elected to serve again after a one year hiatus.

Time Commitment: Meetings every third week, lasting 90 minutes (sometimes longer as needed). Attendance is important as quorum is required. There can be additional work and projects outside of meetings with varying degrees of time commitment.


Description: Staff Council was formed by President Wilson in August 2005 for the following: 1. Serve as a formal means for the President to communicate University matters with staff and elicit opinions and recommendations of the staff on matters of concern to them. 2. To serve as a formal means for staff to communicate to the President. 3. To recommend staff to the President or other administrators for appointment to University committees. 4. To help maintain a supportive and rewarding workplace for staff.

For more information about Staff Council see our website.


All University Judiciary Committee (top)


Number needed: TBA

Requirements: Listening skills, objectivity, empathy, confidentiality, commitment to educational discipline and civility.

Start date: Fall 2012.

Term: Two years.

Time commitment: Dependent on need; some years several times a semester, some years not at all.


Description: The All University Judiciary Committee is comprised of students, faculty and staff who serve as the voice of the community when students are referred for possible judicial action. The Committee may hear cases related to any student code infraction, and in recent years it has heard cases involving sexual assault, personal assault and theft. When students are confronted for alleged misbehavior they may choose to have the matter adjudicated by a hearing officer or by the AUJC. Most offenses are resolved through the informal hearing process (hearing officer), but any matter that may be actionable by separation from the University is remanded to the AUJC. It is imperative that in those instances, the voice of the community, as articulated by the AUJC, is heard.


The Health Care Advocacy Committee (top)


Number Needed: TBA.

Start Date: August 2012.

Term: Five years.

Time Commitment: The workload varies from year to year. At times when no changes are needed in the health plans, meetings are less frequent and intense. However, during the past few years meetings were frequent to address important issues such as new health care plans and retiree benefits.


Description: The committee acts as an advocate for health care benefits on behalf of all IWU employees.


The Strategic Planning and Budgeting Committee (top)


Number Needed: TBA.

Start Date: August 2012.

Term: Three years.

Time Commitment: Meetings are 90minutes, and usually occur 4-5 times each semester.


Description: Regarding planning, the SPBC will monitor and assess progress toward each of the goals in the strategic plan.  At subsequent meetings, a vice president will report to the Committee regarding implementation of goals within their respective area and solicit reactions and advice.  In regards to budgeting, the Committee will provide general advice to the campus administration on the use of available resources to advance the goals of the Strategic Plan.  In addition, the SPBC will provide advice on specific issues like tuition increases and salary policy. (President Wilson, SPBC Notes of September 24, 2007).


The University Speakers Committee (top)


Number needed: TBA.  Member who has been with the university for a few years. Someone with a good understanding and interest in the academic mission of the University is desired.

Start Date: Early Fall.

Term: Two years.

Time Commitment: Not specified.


Description: The University Speakers Committee (USC) will solicit ideas for major speakers from the campus community and make recommendations to the President for All-University Convocations, such as, President’s Day, Founders’ Day, and Commencement. Additionally, the USC will have information about all central budgets supporting speakers and can, therefore, make recommendations for coalition funding for speakers suggested by campus community members. By providing representatives from all areas of the University, the USC will function as a source of shared information about speakers and a deliberative body to which those seeking funds may apply.


The GREENetwork (top)


Number Needed: This committee is open to volunteers. No limit set on the number of members.

Start Date: Fall 2012

Term: No limit set.

Time Commitment: Typically meet once every three weeks for one hour. 


Description: The GREENetwork is a group of volunteer students, staff, faculty, and administration who meet regularly to discuss the status of sustainability on our campus, celebrate the improvements that are being made, and look for new ways to increase efforts across the campus.

In order to create a strong GREENetwork, it would be great to have a representative from each area of campus (Physical Plant, Library, Sodexho, Student Affairs, Printing Services, etc). That being said, anyone with a desire to make a difference and a positive attitude is welcome.


The Faculty-Staff Recognition Committee (top)


Number needed: This committee is open to volunteers. No limit set on the number of members.

Start Date: Fall 2012

Term: No term limit.

Time Commitment: Monthly meetings, with events throughout the year.


Description: The Faculty-Staff Recognition Committee plans events to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication of faculty and staff.