Sociology Change the world

A Solid Foundation

Are you planning to pursue a career that involves dealing with group dynamics, keeping up on social trends, or navigating cultural diversity, here or abroad? Then you need to study sociology! Sociologists are social scientists who use sophisticated research methods to gather and analyze data on groups, institutions, beliefs, and experiences to understand how societies work. Students are often attracted to sociology because of a passion for social justice, a desire to understand different groups or cultures, and a need to understand organizations or institutions.

Opportunities to Explore

Student Research

The Research Honors program provides qualified students with an opportunity to work closely with a faculty member in the department who serves as the advisor on a year-long research project. Students who pursue Research Honors undertake projects at an advanced level that test theories and employ methods developed by professionals in their discipline and make unique contributions to the field as a result.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the sociology program is to provide students with a broad and actionable education, applicable to a variety of career paths, that includes research, writing, and critical thinking skills. Our vision is to support students on their path to becoming informed, well-rounded, and effective members of our society by providing them with a rigorous curriculum where they can see themselves and their future life trajectories represented. 


Students majoring in sociology have participated in a wide variety of internships. Read more about recent internships sociology majors have had.