Meghan Burke

Associate Professor of Sociology

Loyola University Chicago

Dr. Burke’s research areas are in racial discourse and white racial identity.  She is the author of  Racial Ambivalence in Diverse Communities: Whiteness and the Power of Color-Blind Ideologies , and her second book,  Race, Gender, and Class in the Tea Party,  is expected to publish in January 2015.  Dr. Burke was awarded the 2013 Student Senate Professor of the Year, and her courses include  History of Social Thought, Race & Ethnic Relations, Community & Urban Sociology, Introductory Sociology, a Gateway course on Race, and Senior Seminar. Dr. Burke also directs the Engaging Diversity program, an innovative pre-orientation program designed for white students to learn about privilege and racism, so that they can be partners around issues of racial and social justice.  She serves as faculty advisor to the Sociology Club and PRISM (P eople Refuting Ignorance and Shaping Minds ) and is active in diversity efforts on campus.


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