The Sociology program at Illinois Wesleyan University expands our students' abilities to improve the human condition through the application of the sociological perspective while advancing the IWU mission and promoting the goals of our general education program. The sociological perspective enables students to think critically about our increasingly complex, diverse, and ever-changing social world by fostering an awareness of social systems and patterned behaviors in our everyday lives and the interactive relationship between those systems and the actions of individuals. Through a variety of courses addressing issues of social justice and inequality, students gain an understanding of key concepts in sociology, its major theoretical traditions, and the ways in which sociologists empirically study the world. Our curriculum provides for hands-on, experiential learning opportunities while students engage the larger community beyond the classroom and campus. Working in close collaboration with faculty, sociology majors acquire the analytic tools to understand social relationships, the nature of power and influence in complex societies, and how our social characteristics affect our lives. This familiarity with contemporary research and theoretical analyses of the social world equips students with the knowledge and skills leading to a wide range of successful careers and to active global citizenship.