Student Senate Treasurer

Klaudia Wyszynski


Graduation Year: 2023Klaudia Wyszynski

Mission Statement: "As Student Senate Treasurer, my mission is to work collectively with the executive board in order to engage the campus community in our aspiring goals for this term. I also hope to be a great resource to RSO’s and aid them in fulfilling their organization’s purpose. Lastly, I hold myself accountable to being a leader for the Financial Advisory Board by creating an environment where communication and responsibility is held to the utmost standards. I look forward to this opportunity where I’m able to practice my professional work ethic skills." 

Duties: The Student Senate Treasurer is responsible for chairing the Financial Board Advisory and enforcing the guidelines found in the Code of Finances and the Precedent. The Treasurer ensures that RSOs are reimbursed in a timely manner, handles questions and concerns students have about Senate's finances or processes regarding allocations/reimbursements, and serves as a financial advisor to all RSOs. The Treasurer compiles the Senate's annual budget for the following fiscal year every spring and presents it to the General Assembly for approval. 


Assistant Treasurer: Jacob Bickett