Student Senate President

Zehra BakirdanZehra Bakirdan


Graduation Year: 2023

Mission Statement: "As Student Senate President, it is my mission to be a voice and an advocate for the students at Illinois Wesleyan University. I will work to bridge the gap of communication between the administration and the students to create a stronger campus community and strengthen the relationships throughout Illinois Wesleyan. I hope to create a community where the campus community feels that their voices and identities are heard, represented, and welcomed." 

Duties: The Student Senate President oversees all operations of the Student Senate. The President nominates all other executive board positions, with the exception of the Vice  President and all committee positions, with the exception of the Financial Advisory Board. The President sets the agenda for and presides at all General Assembly and Executive Board meetings. It is the responsibility of the President to keep consistent communication between the Student Senate and the administration, faculty, and staff. Committees the President sit on include the Council for University Policy and Procedure (CUPP), Strategic Planning and Budgeting (SPBC),Student Life Committee, Academic Appeals Board, Alumni Association Executive Board, and GREENetwork, among others.