Student Senate Chief of Staff

Zehra Bakirdan, Chief of StaffZehra Bakirdan


Graduation Year: 2023

Office Hours: by appointment

(Zoom link for scheduled appointments)

Duties: Ensure clear communication between the Executive Board and Senators, maintain an understanding of the functions of Student Senate and the Student Senate Constitution, give necessary Bylaw interpretations, and run all Student Senate elections in accordance with the Elections Code.

Zehra's Mission Statement: As Chief of Staff for Illinois Wesleyan University Student Senate, I will serve as a liaison of communication between the student senators and the executive board along with serving as the chair of the Internal Affairs Committee. I want to create community and consistency within the senate community. I will work to revamp the senate platform by making it accessible to all Illinois Wesleyan students. I will enact these goals through my organizational skills and passion for helping others.