Fall Committee Descriptions

All-Campus Events (ACE) The All Campus Events Committee is a programming and planning committee that focuses on events specifically organized through the Student Senate Entertainment Commissioner. The committee has recently brought Ingram Hill, Gavin DeGraw and Ben Folds to campus.

Charity and Welfare (SWHR) The Charity and Welfare Committee organizes efforts - including fund-raisers, volunteer opportunities, awareness activities, and benefits for charitable organizations. Primarily, this committee plans Discovering a New You Week.

Constitutional Revisions (Con-Rev) This committee is charged with drafting constitutional revisions. They meet periodically for revisions. A minimum of three senators sit on this committee.

Elections Charged with running campus elections and maintaining the Elections Code. A minimum of five senators sit on this committee. Works primarily around elections.

Financial Advisory Board (FAB) FAB is the fiscal management agency for the Student Senate and prepares and administers its budget and allocates funds to the student organizations in accordance with the Code of Finances. The committee is an elected position, composed of six people that are voted onto the committee by the senate body.

Issues and Programming Create programs to inform and encourage students to become engaged in the world outside of IWU. The focus of this committee is to determine which current events need to be specially acknowledged on campus and to create a venue for discussion.

Multicultural The multicultural committee helps to support various cultural groups on campus and helps with the Soul Food Dinner.

Public Relations (PR) The Publicity Committee publicizes events for Student Senate and other student organizations.

Senate Activity This committee is charged with holding activities that will encourage greater Student Senate membership, as well as to encourage fellowship and camaraderie among current Student Senate members.

Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) To follow up on all proposals passed by the Senate. To act as a sounding board and to facilitate the implementation of innovative student ideas, particularly regarding University policies and procedures. Members may also serve on University committees.

Student Concerns and Relations (SCR) This committee works on promoting communications between all University offices and Student Senate to help voice current student issues.

Student Service Liaison This committee works with other areas on campus, specifically University offices, to voice student concerns and help create a solution. Issues range from food service to parking and University services.