Student Senate Inclusion & Awareness Commissioner

Jack McElveen V, Inclusion & Awareness CommissionerJack McElveen V


Graduation Year: 2022

Office Hours: by appointment

Zoom link for scheduled meetings

Duties: Plan the Unity Gala, IWU Next (fall and spring semester), and 'Do Good' speaker (fall semester). In addition, work as a link between Student Senate and multicultural, religious, and alternative RSOs to best serve our campus. 

Jack's Mission Statement: Strength, Power, and Empathy! As Commissioner of Inclusion & Awareness, my duty is to listen to the powerful voices of the student body. Continuously listening and planning to advocate for empathy and inclusivity. I understand that it's crucial to use my leadership position to continue the never-ending goal of finding efficient ways to unify different communities and cultures of the IWU community.