Apartment Managers

Each building is staffed with an Apartment Manager. This person is in place to check residents in and out, to help residents with problems and concerns, to answer questions, including those about facilities, and to help maintain decorum.  Apartment Managers will also provide opportunities for residents to get to know one another occasionally throughout the year.


Cable is provided through Comcast.  A cable box is provided in each student room, and the living room, along with paid basic cable.  Students who desire an extended channel line-up or premium channels should contact Comcast directly.  The cable channel lineup for The Gates is attached.

Cameras / Security

Building access is provided by card swipe to residents.  Guests are able to initiate a video call from the entrance door to request access, which residents are able to provide through a buzzer directly from their apartment.  Residents are also provided with an apartment and room key.  A final mailbox key allows access to an individual mailbox located adjacent to the parking area.  

A phone is present in the entryway of each Gates building that students can use to contact 911 or campus security, and a campus blue light is slated to be installed on the east side of the parking area during the 2013-2104 academic year.

Passive recording of building entrances and hallways takes place in The Gates.  There are no cameras that record parking areas or the exterior at this time.  Each apartment will come equipped with a monitor and buzzer to allow residents to see their guests and enable them to enter the building.  The buildings and apartments will be accessible by ID card.  Each resident will have their own individual room key and own mailbox key.


Damages that occur within apartments will be charged as follows:  Those that occur in bedrooms will be charged to the individual assigned to that room.  Those that occur in common areas will be charged equally to all unit residents.  Be careful to chose adhesives and products that don’t damage paint, flooring, carpet or doors. Nails, hooks, screws and any other adhesives which leave holes or damage to the walls will not be allowed.  Any damage that occurs in the common hallway space of the buildings will be charged equally to that building's residents.

Health and Safety

Each apartment is equipped with a cleaning kit that includes a vacuum, broom, mop, dustpan, bucket and toilet brush.  Students are expected to provide their own cleaning supplies.  The cost of cleaning kit items that require replacement will be charged equally among apartment residents.

Twice each semester (around Fall Break, Winter Break, Spring Break and May Term Break), apartment managers will meet with apartment residents to assure that the apartment’s condition meets health and safety expectations.  Each meeting will include a check of all apartment rooms, with special attention paid to cleanliness of kitchens and bathrooms.  A check of the apartment cleaning kit will also be conducted. 

Between fall and spring semester, custodial services will enter each unit, with notice, to clean bathrooms and kitchens.  Personal items should be removed from these spaces for the duration of this cleaning.

Maintenance Concerns

Residents should report maintenance concerns through our maintenance request system.  The RD-on-Duty may be contacted (309/319-6381) for urgent maintenance concerns and after-hours support.

Neighbor Relations

The Gates is adjacent to historic neighborhoods that include families and working professionals.  It is important that residents are good neighbors and show respect by:

  • limiting late night and early morning noise excesses
  • avoiding parking on surface streets adjacent to The Gates and essential for neighbors without off-street parking
  • considering the appropriateness of items or messages placed in windows
  • avoiding large or loud gatherings in the pavilion that cause a community disruption


Space is provided immediately adjacent to The Gates, as well as in lots located on Graham Street and at the corner of Empire and Park Street.  There are enough spaces collectively in these lots for each Gates resident to park.  One hangtag is provided to each unit for parking in those spots immediately adjacent to The Gates.  The hangtag must be used for parking in these spots, and REPLACEMENTS WILL NOT BE ISSUED for lost or misplaced hangtags. 

Recycling and Trash

Bins for recycling and trash should be provided by apartment residents.  Recycling and trash are collected in bins/dumpsters adjacent to the parking area.  Residents are responsible for removing recyclables and trash from their unit to the appropriate collection bin/dumpster. 

Mail and Packages

Residents receive their mail directly from the USPS to a personal and private mailbox.  Mailboxes are located adjacent to the parking area. 

Residents living in units that end in 01-04 will be staying in The Gates-Fricke and will use the following postal address:

     STUDENT NAME, 502 E. Empire St #YOURROOM, Bloomington, IL 61701. 

Residents living in units that end in 05-08 will be staying in The Gates-I and will use the following postal address:

     STUDENT NAME, 506 E. Empire St #YOURROOM, Bloomington, IL 61701. 

NOTE:  Your room number MUST appear as indicated or mail will be returned to sender as undeliverable. Please make sure that you include the apartment number and room number.  For example, if you are in apartment number 104 and stay in bedroom 2, your room number would be 1042.  The USPS will not sort or deliver mail based on resident name, but rather just by address and mailbox/room number. 

Package deliveries, such as those sent through UPS and FedEx should be addressed the same as USPS mail.  Both UPS and FedEx will ring your apartment for deliveries.  If no one answers, a notice of attempted delivery will be left.  In both cases, three attempts will be made for package delivery before items are returned to sender.  The notice of attempted delivery will provide instructions for alternatives to delivery, including the option to have the package held and picked up at a central receiving office. 


A covered gathering space is provided between the buildings for resident use.  A charcoal grill is anchored in this space, along with some picnic tables.  Residents who use the space are responsible for cleaning up after themselves, removing trash or food remains, and keeping the space in good condition. 


  • Alcohol – Use must comport with the IWU alcohol policy, including the ban on hard alcohol.
  • Appliances with open heating elements – These appliances, such as George Foreman grills or toasters, should be maintained in the kitchen area of the apartment.
  • Candles – Candles and open flames are prohibited.  Incense is not allowed because it creates a noxious and persistent odor.
  • Items not allowed –  The following additional items are not allowed: Lofts, candles, ceiling fans, non-university locks, pets, space heaters, fireworks, wireless networks, traffic signs, halogen lamps, weapons.
  • Lockouts – Locked out residents should contact an Apartment Manager.  The cost of a lockout is $5.
  • Noise – Please be respectful of those living around you, and courteously and promptly honor requests to quiet down.  Apartment managers may also be contacted in cases where fellow residents refuse to quiet down or are repeatedly non-compliant or disrespectful.
  • Pets – Only fish are allowed as pets.
  • Screens – Screens are to remain in windows at all times.  Items may not be thrown or placed outside windows.
  • Smoking – The Gates are smoke free.
  • Vandalism – Common area damages will be charged equally to Gates residents in cases where individuals responsible for damage cannot be determined.  Information regarding vandalism should be reported to an Apartment Manager or ORL.