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Throughout each academic year, students in residence participate in various opportunities intended to aid those in need within our community and beyond.  Coordinated by individuals and campus and community organizations, efforts in past years have included the collection of clothing, food, books, toiletries, and media, among others.  In addition, residents donate hundreds of pounds of unwanted clothes and furnishings as they participate in the annual Campus and Community Clothing Swap, and again later as they pack up their rooms to prepare for move-out. 

To aid in the collection process, each residence hall is equipped with a mobile collection station placed for the purpose of aiding students and their organizations in the collection of donations from fellow students.  The designation of permanent, re-usable collection receptacles and areas will provide a sustainable and predictable context for drives of all kinds.  The name, Titan Trucking, refers to the “Titan green” collection carts, secured in the lobby of each residence hall, and the primary means for collecting donations and transporting them from residence halls to the centralized collection area.  In addition, donation guidelines are posted in each collection area, along with instructions for organizations or others who wish to use the Titan Trucking network for their own collection efforts. 

Organizations and others who are interested in using the Titan Trucking collection network are able to make a reservation to support their efforts.  Reservations are encouraged within the following guidelines:

  • Only one organization will be allowed the opportunity to collect items concurrently in residence halls at any one time. 
  • Individuals and organizations must use Titan Trucking collection areas for drives carried out within residence halls.
  • Reservations of the Titan Trucking collection network are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and can be made through the end of the next academic term (through Spring during Fall, through May Term during Spring, through Fall during May Term and summer). 
  • Reservations may be made for no more than 14 consecutive days.  All donated items must be collected from designated areas by 4:00 PM on the closing day of the drive (or the next business day if the drive ends on a Saturday or Sunday).
  • Representatives may check out a key from the Office of Residential Life that will provide access to residence hall collection areas and unlock collection carts.  Carts must remain secured in their collection locations unless they are being used by an organizational representative to transport donations to the centralized collection area.  Keys may be checked out for the duration of the drive, and the student organizer must specify a cell phone or other contact number while in possession of Titan Trucking keys. 
  • Organizations are responsible for the condition of collection carts, and will be charged in the rare case that damages occur to carts in members’ care.  Thus, an organizational account number will be required for use of the network.
  • Organizations may submit a standard size (8.5 x 11 inch, landscape orientation) flyer advertising collection details and sponsorship that will be posted in each collection area.  If a flyer is not submitted, one will be created using details on the form .  At a minimum, flyers must include the following elements: Desired collection items (type of drive), sponsoring organization name, organizational contact, and dates of collection.


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