The Basics

Summer housing will be provided in Dodds Hall and The Gates for approximately 60 students. Students currently living in the Gates at Wesleyan will have the option of extending their lease to the summer if they fit the criteria below (although it may not be their academic year apartment). Students admitted into summer housing will live in single rooms with a bathroom shared with other students in the suite. To be eligible for summer housing, students must be in financial good standing with the Business Office, registered for Fall classes (this means that recent graduates are not eligible) and fit one of four criteria:

  • A student may be employed full-time by the University during the period of residence
  • A student may be conducting research for a faculty member (approved by Provost)
  • A student may have an international home address
  • A student may be participating in the Summer Enrichment Program (SEP)

Students who fall out of compliance with any one of the required criteria will be asked to vacate summer housing within 48 hours.

Summer residence halls will be staffed with Resident Assistants (Click here for Summer RA Application Information) , and Office of Residential Life policies and procedures remain in effect throughout the summer term. Summer housing is a privilege, and violations of policy will almost certainly result in termination of a student's housing for the rest of the summer. 

Application Dates and Deadlines

Applications submitted by Friday, April 15, 2016 will receive priority consideration on a first-come, first-served basis.  Students who apply after April 15, 2016 will be accepted and housed based on the availability of spaces. If you do not meet one of the criteria indicated above for summer housing your application will be considered after the applications of those that do.

Students accepted into summer housing who will be living in the residence halls during May Term may remain in their current residence hall spaces until ORL designates a time that they will begin moving into their assigned summer spaces (see Moving Timeline below). For your information, between May 26th and June 6th, there will be no hot water on campus due to annual boiler and steam tunnel maintenance (Hot showers are available at the Shirk center during that time).

Summer Charges/Rent

The cost of summer housing rent is is $676, and will be charged according to the following schedule. Rent is billed monthly, and on an "all-or-nothing" basis. A student living in the residence hall for all or part of the month will pay the entire month's rent. Summer Rent will be reported to the Business Office within the first five days of the month of residence and will be applied to student accounts as per Business Office procedures.

Charge Amount Pays For Charge Date

$485 (Residence Hall)


$1066 (Gates Single)

June and July Rent

June 2, 2016
$191 (Residence Hall)


$352 (Gates Single)

August Rent

(until normal students are able to return)

August 1, 2016 

University Subsidies

There are a few instances whereby the University will subsidize a portion of students' summer housing charges.  These primarily include students participating in faculty-sponsored on-campus research (approved through the Provost's Office) or the Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.  These subsidies will cover the room ($676).

Moving Timeline

Summer Housing Move-In:
  • Some students (those who currently live on campus) will move into Dodds between May 13th - May 22nd. Keys will be available in ORL Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. 
  • All other students will move into Dodds May 28th & 29th. Keys will be available at the Dodds desk 9am-5pm both days.
  • Students need to fill out and return their summer Room Condition Report (RCR) to ORL by May 22nd if you moved in early, or May 29th if you moved in that weekend.
  • Students need to schedule and attend a check-out appointment with their academic year RA to check out of their Spring/MayTerm assignment after they moved into summer housing (Previous room should be appropriately cleaned and all belongings out of the room before they can check out).
Summer Housing Move-Out:
  • Students will move into their fall assignments July 30th & July 31st. Keys will be available at the Dodds Desk 9am-5pm both days. 
  • Students need to fill out and return their Fall Room Condition Report (RCR) to ORL by August 1st at 5pm.
  • Students need to schedule and attend a check-out appointment with a summer RA to check out of their summer assignment on July 31st or August 1st between 9am and 5pm either day (Previous room should be appropriately cleaned and all belongings out of the room before they can check out).


Starting Friday, March 11th the application will be live in the MyHousing Portal , through the student's account. 

For help logging into MyHousing or with the application, check out this video: Completing Housing Application (Please note, it talks about a different application, it is the same process. You will only need the first part of the video.)